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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Set Fun Time Learning

Learning is an obligation that must be carried out by everyone, especially by students. It is an attempt to obtain a maximal uptake of science. For the system to the maximum absorption of science learning should not only be done at the school. But, it should be done at home. In the study it can be very manageable with the supervision of a parent. However, not everyone is fortunate in this respect. Many students who have parents who are super busy so do not have time to supervise their children to learn.

In this case, the child's independence is necessary. Without the control of the parents, the student should be able to use the time well, can set the time to the maximum. So it is not spent just to play. Here are ways to manage your time so that learning time can be well coordinated.
· Make a list of "Work". Write down the things you have to do, then decide what to do now, what was done later, what is done to others, and what can be postponed workmanship.
· Create a schedule daily / weekly. Write down appointments, classes and meetings on the books / chronological table. Always know the schedule for a day, and always go to sleep knowing you're ready to welcome tomorrow.
· Plan a longer schedule. Use a monthly schedule so that you can always plan your activities first. This schedule also can remind you to make your free time more comfortably.
Things that need to be considered in making the plan effective learning:

    Give enough time for sleeping, eating and entertainment activities.
    Prioritize tasks.
    Allow time for discussion or repeat material before class.
    Set the time to repeat the lesson material immediately after class. Remember that the most likely to be forgotten within 24 hours without review.
    Schedule time of 50 minutes for each study session.
    Select a comfortable (no distraction) for the study.
    Plan also "deadline".
    Schedule your study time as possible in the morning / afternoon / evening.
    Schedule a weekly review learning materials.
    Be careful, not to be enslaved by their own schedule!

Menerut experts, effective time management for students absorb knowledge is 3-10 minutes. If we look at the current reality, the opinion of these experts have a point. I personally if learning is too long, only dizziness, fatigue, and others. Because it is the science that goes just a little and sometimes it does not last long in the brain or fast lupanya. Heee.
When appropriate the opinion of experts, following the example of effective learning plan:
1. Learn the routine every day but with the frequency that does not telalalu long time. Many students are lazy to learn every day and study time favorite is when they want to test it. They began to tear apart their notebooks so much. Keep in mind this is not good because of our limited brain capacity and unable to accommodate the subject matter that accumulate in a single day only.
2. Organize your study time sektia 5-10 minutes. For example: after school, lunch and then a break. After a break take a 5 or 10 minutes to read a book or study material you want to learn. After Maghrib / Isha take a 5 or 10 minutes to learn more and then sleep. Get up early for morning prayers for the Muslims, then after that take a 5-10 to learn. (This is just an example of me, if you learn when you can set as you like but the fit on the opinion of experts, set up your study time is not too long but with the frequency often or several times a day.)
3. FIRST subjects considered difficult. So in one day you can learn not just one subject only. For example, after the lunch break to learn English, after Maghrib / Isha learn MTK, after dawn studying Chemistry or menggerjakan school homework.
These are tips to learn how to manage time effectively. Hopefully with this study is no longer a difficult thing and charge for all of us especially as torture. With this study may be fun. Semgoa friends learn English online and bermamfaat love for us all. Thank you.